To cope up with the changing market dynamics, every company/organisation is going for well-trained/ skilled man power, who are considered as backbone of any industry verticals and to the companies of all sizes today.

Companies are continuously facing the problem of keeping the manpower up to date in the latest technologies. In the ever changing IT environment, it is very important for individuals to learn and understand the latest technical skills to be able to increase productivity. As the usage of technology catches up, there is an ever growing demand of skilled software professionals.

Primary issues faced by the Industry today are:
  • Severe shortage of skilled man power across all technology areas
  • Lack of professionals with the right qualification / skill set and training
  • Professionals are not trained in the bigger picture involving business processes and are thus not able to relate to the functional aspects of the business
  • Reassigning of software personnel to various processes is becoming a time consuming and costly exercise
  • Project readiness is decreased as the man power lacks the required skills and flexibility
  • Companies also lack the required skilled training resources / infrastructure
  • Consistent attrition or movement of personnel leads to unstable SAP / ERP User environment
How can we help you improve your SAP usage and user acceptance?

AUTOMATIC realized that the workforce needs to upgrade its skills in tandem with the technological evolutions. To help industry and professionals to achieve the same growth and exposure, we have started providing in depth and focused IT skill set Individual and Corporate training courses.

Automatic’s SAP / ERP training program parameters:

  • Tailor made to your requirements and schedules
  • Skill set, technology and result oriented
  • Practical and industry specific approach
  • Conducted by experienced and certified industry professionals
  • Not only technical skills but an exposure to Business processes
  • IT professional groups to help/support professionals in future
  • Detailed SAP Training material which can be used by the participants in future
  • Hands-on approach with real-time examples and scenarios
  • Consultants with vast IT industry and domain expertise
  • Trainers with proven expertise in global training and project management
  • Sensitive to IT industry needs and requirements
  • Hands on practical approach than pure theoretical sessions
  • Excellent understanding of business processes and industry verticals
  • Excellent infrastructure and facilities
  • Committed to make people “Industry Ready” and customer satisfaction
  • Emphasis on not only “SYNTAX” but on industry processes
  • Exposure to IT project management and methodologies
  • Monitored and tailor made solutions to industry needs
  • Dedicated approach to turn “Candidates” into “Consultants”

Organisational benefits through Automatic’s SAP / ERP Training Program:

  • An improved, skilled, productive and responsible team
  • Reduced time and cost for team building exercises
  • Senior resources are optimally utilized to serve clients by leaving the training and skill enhancement activity to us
  • Stronger team and middle management
  • Enhanced retention of staff resulting in increased staff morale and loyalty
  • Teams with exposure to real time scenarios
  • Teams better equipped to face projects and deliver
  • Cost effective capacity and expertise built up within the organisation
  • Increase of personnel utilization through “Industry ready” members
  • Reduction of the induction to utilization timeline
  • Improved delivery quality

Individual benefits through AUTOMATIC training programs:

  • Exposure to real time scenarios leading to mature understanding
  • Exposure to not just the technology but the big picture
  • Development of technical and business skills
  • Mature understanding of customer requirements
  • Well equipped to address issues related to outsourcing and international projects
  • Improved quality of work leading to recognition
  • Successfully start with managing small to medium size projects.
  • Identify issues and possible barriers; prioritize them and apply strategies to resolve
  • Enhanced analytical, problem solving, planning, execution, communication and leadership skills.

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