Looking at the growing market scenarios, business requirements and statutory regulatory requirements – SAP continuously provides SAP customers with newer patches, add-ons and versions. Depending upon the technical, infrastructure or business requirements – Company may need to migrate its SAP system landscape to a different SAP landscape.


SAP Upgrade or Migration projects are a complex activity and needs meticulous planning and professional project execution. The customers face challenges in ensuring a minimum system downtime, a smooth transition and successful upgrade / migration while making sure that the existing SAP system usage is not disturbed. This puts additional burden on the existing internal SAP manpower.

Automatic’s SAP Upgrade / Migration services approach:

AUTOMATIC, works closely with your SAP team during the entire SAP upgrade / migration project life cycle. We follow the steps below:

  • Identification of the correct SAP upgrade versions / patches / target landscape
  • Detailed Project and milestone planning
  • Explain the project roadmap to all the stakeholders and ensure their commitment
  • Hardware sizing
  • Analysis of the SAP upgrade on the existing developments (program changes / modifications)
  • Operating system, database and SAP version upgrade project execution
  • SPDD / SPAU modification adjustments
  • Functional testing
  • Key user / end user training on new version – functionalities

Advantages of Automatic’s SAP Upgrade / Migration services:

  • Collaborative approach to ensure professional project planning and execution
  • Reduction of burden on your internal IT team
  • Better calculation of time and efforts required for the project using our proven analysis tools
  • Experienced team to walk through with you during the entire project life cycle
  • Timely completion of the entire project ensuring readiness for the future

Contact us on sales@automaticinfotech.com to know more about our SAP Migration / Upgrade services.