SAP Business Objects (BOBJ)

  • SAP Business Objects also known as BO, BOBJ and BOBI is the most innovative Business Intelligence suite of applications that allows business users to Sort, View and Analyze the BI data.
  • Provide Performance management, reporting, dash boarding query & analysis, and enterprise information management.
  • It can be divided into 3 main use cases:
    • Discovery and Analysis
    • Dashboards and applications
    • Reporting
  • Prerequisites
    • SAP BW/ HANA/ RDBMS/ OLAP/ Hadoop/ Web Services/ Files etc.

SAP Business Objects - Tools

  • Discovery and Analysis :
    • SAP Lumira
    • SAP BO Explorer
    • SAP BO Analysis
  • Dashboards and applications :Powerful environment to build interactive and visually appealing analytics (use custom code)
    • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius)
    • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • Reporting : Quickly build formatted reports on any data source
    • SAP Crystal Reports
    • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • SAP IDT (Information design tool) – Semantic Layer
  • SAP Admin – CMC (Central Management Console)
  • SAP BO – BI Launchpad
  • SAP Roam BI – Cloud based self-service tools for mobile analytics

Typical Data Flow of SAP Business Objects

Key Functionalities – SAP BO

  • Enterprise reporting –Bring together data from several sources, create any type of report, and Schedule and share reports/dashboards online securely, inside or outside the organization
  • Ad hoc query and analysis –Enable users to ask a question, receive an answer, and ask more questions based on report results
  • Data visualization –Enable users to monitor trends and variances, identify root causes, and model scenarios
  • Data integration and quality –Consolidate and cleanse data across multiple sources to ensure complete, accurate, and trusted information for decision making.
  • Preconfigured, customizable templates: Create interactive visualizations, data sets, charts, and graphs
  • Security: Use folder-level security to limit access and help ensure data security

Challenges Overcome

  • Improve decision making by providing a single version of the truth that’s accessible to all Authorized users.
  • Enable employees to create and maintain their own queries, reports, analyses, and Dashboards without having to rely on IT staff.
  • Eliminate the use of homegrown spreadsheets, application adapters, data integrators, And user interfaces that are expensive to maintain and hard to use.
  • Control access to sensitive business data and prevent unauthorized use of information.

Business Benefits

  • Low cost with functionality available in a concurrent-access license model.
  • Fast deployment with common installation, security, and metadata as well as prebuilt solutions and packages.
  • Strong governance with data-level security, impact analysis, and data lineage
  • High productivity with alerts, guided navigation, a patented semantic layer, and Intuitive interfaces.
  • Great agility with clear visibility into business processes, business partners, and Financial performance.

AUTOMATIC'S SAP BO - Consulting and Support Services

  • SAP BI/BO 4.X Implementation
  • SAP BI/BO 4.X Migration/Upgrade
  • SAP BI/BO Analytical Reporting & Dashboards
  • SAP BO- Administration
  • Managing Report Proliferation
  • SAP BO Installation and Configuration
  • SAP BI/BO Support & Maintenance
  • SAP BI/BO Professional Services
  • Mobile BI Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Services, Data Quality, Data Integration
  • End User Access Design