Due to a variety of reasons, the SAP customers may observe that an SAP implementation has not quite delivered all of the benefits that were anticipated at the start of the project. The SAP project functional scope, schedule, cost or functional delivery may have deviated from the original plan.

In some cases, after a certain months / years after go-live, the customer may wish to evaluate the actual usage of the SAP system in order to ensure that the system usage is as per the expected benchmarks.

An SAP Audit and Health Check is an important first step to identify if maximum leverage is being obtained from the SAP system that has been implemented and assess where additional value can be gained.

Due to growing compliance requirements, it has also become essential for SAP customers to conduct regular SAP system audits to ensure that the system configuration, developments and security settings are in compliance with the set standards.

Automatic’s SAP Audit Services overview:


Our SAP consulting team collaborates with the stakeholders from business in order to review the organization’s existing applications, document relative performance levels and compare those results to industry best practices and standards.

We highlight how well the SAP application is performing to meet current and likely future needs. Based on these findings, we recommend solutions for maximizing the value on the initial SAP investment for the entire enterprise.

  1. Development workbench audit (standards, logic, performance, documentation…)
  2. Basis security audit (roles, authorization, segregation of duties…)
  3. Functional audit (process-matrix, usage of standard processes, local statutory requirement compliance…)

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