Ensure a stable and efficient IT network with top-notch design, implementation, monitoring & management services by Automatic Infotech.

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Automatic’s Network Management Services

Our comprehensive network and device management services include:

Installation and Configuration of Network Devices

Automatic Infotech specializes in the seamless installation and configuration of various network devices, including routers, switches, Virtual Private Network (VPN) devices, and firewalls. Our expert team ensures that these devices are set up correctly and securely to meet your organization's specific requirements.

Network Security Policy Management

Our network security experts develop and manage robust security policies tailored to your business needs. We implement access controls, firewall rules, encryption protocols, and other security measures to safeguard your network infrastructure from threats and unauthorized access.

Troubleshooting of Connectivity Issues

We offer comprehensive troubleshooting services to diagnose and resolve connectivity issues within your network. Our team efficiently identifies and addresses configuration errors, hardware or software issues, and other factors impacting network connectivity to minimize downtime and disruptions.

Network Administration

Automatic Infotech takes care of the day-to-day administration and management of your network infrastructure. From user management to network monitoring and performance optimization, we ensure smooth operation and adherence to network policies and procedures.

Coordination with Local Service Providers

We liaise with local service providers to procure network services, equipment, and support. Our team handles contract negotiations, manages service level agreements (SLAs), and coordinates installations, upgrades, or maintenance activities with third-party providers, ensuring seamless integration and reliable support.

Periodic Health-Check of Network Devices

Regular health-checks assess the overall health and performance of your network devices. We perform diagnostics, run performance tests, update firmware or software, and address any issues affecting network performance or security to maintain optimal functionality.

Internet Security and Monitoring (IDS, IPS)

Our comprehensive internet security solutions include Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to detect and prevent cyber threats. We monitor network traffic for suspicious activity, ensuring timely detection and mitigation of security breaches.

Internet Circuit Optimization and Troubleshooting

Automatic Infotech specializes in optimizing internet circuits to enhance performance and reliability. We configure network settings, optimize bandwidth usage, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and implement redundancy and failover mechanisms to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity for your business operations.


  • Provides scalable and consistent IT solutions adaptable to changing business needs.
  • Enhances communication within the company, boosting productivity, efficiency, and reducing communication costs.
  • Enables focus on core tasks while entrusting network construction and maintenance to high-class specialists.
  • First Line of Support – Automatic Infotech manages contacts with telecommunications operators and provides ongoing network support.
  • Clear SLA guarantees quality assessment with one point of contact for customer convenience.
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