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Migrate to the Cloud - Unlock the Power of Cloud Migration

At Automatic, our team of cloud experts shall help you in planning and executing risk-free, cost-effective cloud migration projects. Our services aim to enhance application performance, reduce IT infrastructure costs, and drive business growth through digital transformation.

Why Cloud Migration is Crucial for Business Growth

Cloud migration is the process of deploying an organization’s digital assets, resources, and services or applications to the cloud. In today’s digital age, cloud migration is vital for business growth due to its smart features, business benefits, and cost-saving advantages. With the cloud, organizations can enjoy enhanced security, ease of access, and qualitative outputs, driving success and encouraging digital transformation.

The execution phase is where we actually migrate your workloads to the cloud. We follow a structured and iterative process that involves testing, validating, and monitoring each workload before and after the migration. Together with the customers, we deploy the best in class tools and services to automate and streamline the migration process.

During the entire process:

  • We work closely with the stakeholders in order to ensure that every stakeholder is informed and aligned with the overall migration project and to ensure minimal disruption and downtime.
  • Take a systematic approach to replicating or reconfiguring your infrastructure, evaluating your current system, and exploring all your options for adopting a new system.
  • Identify any gaps between your current infrastructure and the cloud-based infrastructure you’re creating.
  • Ensure that the new infrastructure provides true scalability.
  • Verify that the new infrastructure offers a high level of performance.
  • Document the entire process and methodically test any new services before committing. That way, you’ll work with providers that can support your company as it grows.

We also collaborate with you in order to carry out extensive performance testing which includes:

  • Load testing to evaluate performance under normal work conditions and ensure things like proper load balancing.
  • Stress testing to identify what happens in extreme high-use conditions and peaks.
  • Endurance testing to ensure that the new system can handle continued use.
  • Think of stress testing as evaluating the system’s ability to run a sprint and endurance testing as evaluating its ability to run a marathon.
  • Establish performance metrics and evaluate your system’s performance based on KPIs like response time, throughput, and resource utilization.

Ready to embark on your cloud migration journey? Contact us today to learn more about our cloud migration services and how we can help your business thrive in the cloud era.

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