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Our first attempt at SAP implementation was not totally successful. The SAP implementation did not deliver the expected improvements and results. Deployment of Country India and MRP specific functionalities was a major challenge and problem area.

We engaged Automatic for SAP re-implementation. Automatic completed the entire SAP re-implementation project on time and within our pre-defined budget. All the issues faced by us in the country India localization and MRP were resolved professionally and successfully. Automatic further helped us improve the user acceptance substantially.

I sincerely appreciate the role of Automatic Team and the extreme hard-work from their employees throughout the process. Since 2008, our relationship with Automatic has grown from strength to strength. Today, Automatic is our global SAP support partner.

– CFO, ENCORE Pharma Group (India)

Stainless Steel​

As a leading multinational manufacturer of world class Stainless steel products, we needed a reliable partner to partner with us to design a global SAP template and be part of our global SAP roll-out projects team to provide us quality SAP services. With Automatic, we found a reliable partner with in-depth business process knowledge and deep understanding of SAP systems. Automatic successfully partnered with us in our global SAP roll-out projects in Mexico, USA, France, Poland, UK, Italy and China. Now, as our global SAP support partner, Automatic has helped us in various SAP support and SAP enhancement activities. Automatic personnel are an integral part of our global Centre Of Excellence (COE) and are equally responsible for ensuring a smooth 24X7 SAP operation across our locations. Together, various SAP enhancements and SAP ADD ON functionalities and cockpits have been developed by this team to satisfy our industry specific business requirements.

CIO, ThyssenKrupp Stainless International (Germany)


We are a globally operating corporation engaged in Engineer-To-Order business. Our complex product and PLM processes are aligned with the dynamic requirements of our global customers. In order to establish a stable ERP platform across the globe, we decided to opt for SAP. We engaged with Automatic for our SAP template optimization and implementation project in India. Automatic’s professional, flexible and extremely qualified SAP team ensured a timely SAP implementation in our Indian company along with all Country India specific requirements. We then expanded our partnership to a global delivery model. Today, Automatic is our global SAP partner and has successfully implemented SAP corporate template in our group companies in UK, Dubai, Nigeria, Indonesia, China and USA. Automatic offshore customer competence centre in India is responsible for complete SAP, IT and Software support management of our global IT Eco-System. Not only did we achieve a stable and global SAP environment, together with Automatic, we also successfully implemented various PLM initiatives, SAP cFolders and SAP Hybris platform.

– CIO, LOESCHE Group (Germany)


As a fast growing automotive components manufacturer, we have a global presence (almost 22 locations) closer to our customers. However, with the rapid growth, we inherited a very diverse application eco-system. Consolidating and standardizing our global ERP environment was a complex challenge. As a global strategy of consolidation and application harmonization, we finalized SAP and IFS as the global ERP platforms. We partnered with Automatic first to support our existing SAP instances. Automatic immediately assisted us in migration of various old SAP instances on UNICODE platform. In parallel, Automatic established a dedicated IFS offshore competency centre for us from zero. Since 2014, Automatic has helped us in our global SAP / IFS consolidation initiatives by taking over the ERP readiness assessments, supporting us in global roll-out of our standard ERP platform. Automatic team travelled to over 15 locations around the globe to carry out the ERP readiness of our manufacturing facilities. Automatic has also established a dedicated offshore EDI support team in order to take over the support services of our EDI environment. Today, Automatic Offshore Competency Center team is responsible to partner with us for our global SAP and IFS implementations / roll-outs.

– CIO, HUF Group (Germany) 


Because of challenging market dynamics and various restructuring exercises, we inherited a very complex and heavily modified SAP environment. Due to the organizational restructuring, we did not have the in-house team of experts who could ensure a stable SAP operation. In parallel, the documentation of our entire SAP environment was non-existent. Automatic partnered with us through their offshore delivery centre. They established a dedicated team to reverse engineer and document our SAP environment. All complex system modifications were identified and streamlined. In parallel, Automatic also provided us a dedicated offshore SAP support team to manage our global SAP operations. Today, we have over 5 years of successful partnership with Automatic. With Automatic’s help, we were able to focus our energies on complex strategic, market and business challenges while Automatic ensured a stable and operational SAP environment. We are now further building our partnership in new products and geographies.

– CIO, German Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group 

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