SAP Re-implementation

It has been observed that the SAP customers experience the SAP implementation project has not really been successful in delivering the desired results.
Some of the major factors for this could be:
  • Partner selection (focus on cost/contact instead of quality and capability)
  • Organizational readiness Lack of management / stakeholder commitment Scope control
  • Misinterpretation of project objective – requirements – expectations
  • Trying to do too many things at the same time
  • Lack of user training
Whatever may be the reason, it results in the following:
  • The SAP project does not succeed in satisfying the organization in delivering the desired results.
  • The project is either aborted midway or the system usage is left to a sub-optimum usage level due to lack of acceptance.
How can we help you derive maximum potential out of your SAP investment?

AUTOMATIC, makes sure that your investments in SAP are not wasted. We have successfully assisted various SAP customers in ensuring that their investments in SAP system provide the desired results and making sure that the SAP implementation is a success.

We follow a simple and yet proven approach in our SAP re-implementation projects:
  • Analyse

We talk to all the stakeholders to understand the present project scenario, organizational expectations, bottlenecks and perspective from all stakeholders

  • Redefine

Based on the initial analysis workshops, a revised functional scope / functional GAPs and business requirements is defined (revised SAP business blueprint). This revised SAP business blueprint is the foundation of the subsequent SAP optimization / re-implementation activities

  • Optimize

Based on the re-defined SAP business blueprint and SAP functional scope, Automatic’s professional SAP consulting team gets down to making sure that all the identified GAPs and requirements are deployed in the revised SAP eco-system. This would mean revised SAP configuration, developments and further optimization. The entire re-configured system is thoroughly tested and verified by the Automatic SAP consulting team to make sure that the system complies with the revised functional scope and business expectations.

  • Deploy
Once the necessary SAP configuration / customizing activities are completed and internally verified, the business owners carry out a thorough integration test covering all the agreed business processes from the functional scope.

After a successful completion of the integration test, the key – end users are trained in the revised SAP functionalities.

As per the project roadmap, necessary master and transaction data is migrated before GOING LIVE with the optimized system.
Benefits for our customers

  • Ensure that your SAP investments are fruitful
  • Ensure that the system derives the necessary business benefits and functional value
  • Improve the user acceptance and system usage
  • Enable your organization to be ready to face future growth challenges

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