SAP Services -> What The SAP Customers Must Know

The implementation of SAP software is almost always a massive operation that brings a lot of changes in the organization. The whole process can take up anywhere between several months to several years. Virtually every person in the organization is involved, whether they are part of the business process stakeholder group, SAP technical support organization or the actual end-users of the SAP software. A successful SAP implementation results in considerable improvement of the way business processes are managed through an integrated ERP platform, improved communication and real time information to the decision makers.

Considering the effects a successful SAP implementation has on the organization, it is of utmost importance to plan and execute the SAP implementation project properly.

Critical success factors of an SAP implementation and Support projects

  • Correct SAP consulting partner

A right SAP consulting partner is one of the most important success factors for an SAP implementation project. The consulting partner shall have a team of experienced consultants not only in the SAP system but also in the related industry processes. The consultants must be able to understand the customer’s business processes, identify the pain areas and derive – deploy appropriate remedies in the SAP system.

  • Organizational involvement

SAP implementation is never an IT or software project. It impacts all the important business processes of an organization. Therefore, a commitment from the management and serious involvement from all the stakeholders at all levels is important.

  • Blueprint – Project Scope

It is important to have clearly defined guidelines about the scope of the project and the business process mapping blueprint. The blueprint should always consider the important processes which are to be mapped in the SAP system. The blueprint should not only consider the way processes work today but also how the processes can be optimized for the future. It is very important to define the requirements clearly and avoid trying to do too many things at the same time.

  • Awareness and acceptance of change

It is important not to mould SAP to the way an organization works. An organization should be willing to adopt the industry best practices and to change the way things are done today.