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To achieve the organizational targets, companies across the globe today try to grow through organic and inorganic approaches. You could either setup new subsidiaries, locations or acquire a company/group of companies and integrate them in your existing structure. Usage of a common application software / ERP platform is of utmost importance to ensure:

  • Smooth integration of the new entity / entities in your existing structure
  • To derive the necessary synergies
  • Ensure that the group best practices are deployed and followed in all group companies
  • Have a common data processing and reporting ERP platform
  • Usage of common master data parameters and transaction data processing procedures

Automatic can help you make sure that you can focus on your business growth while we make sure that the new entities are smoothly integrated in your existing SAP template. We have successfully assisted various German and Indian multinational companies in global SAP template rollout projects. Our proven approach consists of following milestones:
Understand the group philosophy, business processes, best practices and the management intentions behind a global SAP system. Accordingly, study the template and prepare a process matrix.

Based on the template function matrix, together with the group management – central IT leadership, we work out the suitable functionalities for individual group company / companies. Accordingly, the scope of SAP functionalities is identified and defined.

Based on the pre-defined SAP functional scope, the SAP template configuration / enhancement activities are carried out in close collaboration with the central IT leadership. This also includes definition of the master and transaction data mapping parameters, migration scope and migration plan.

Key users / end users from the subsidiary / group company are trained in group SAP template. This phase also includes mapping and migration of the group company master and transaction data into the SAP system.

Make sure that the transition to a new SAP system and the integration with the group is a smooth process for the group company by providing a proactive support.