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Although SAP is a state of the art ERP solution, sometimes, the SAP customers experience that the SAP implementation project has not really been successful in delivering the desired results. Some of the major factors for this could be:

  • Partner selection (focus on cost/contact instead of quality and capability)
  • Organizational readiness
  • Scope control
  • Misinterpretation of project objective – requirements – expectations
  • Trying to do too many things at the same time
  • Lack of user training

Whatever may be the reason, the SAP project does not succeed in satisfying the organization in delivering the desired results. The project is either aborted midway or the system usage is left to a sub-optimum usage level due to lack of acceptance.

Here, Automatic can help you in making sure that your investments in SAP are not wasted. We have successfully assisted various SAP customers in ensuring that their investments in SAP system provide the desired results and making sure that the SAP implementation is a success. We follow a simple and yet proven approach in our SAP re-implementation projects:

Identify what went wrong in the SAP project and in which phase/milestone (for e.g. process study, documentation, blueprint, realization, training, testing )

Present the analysis to the management to ensure an acceptance from all stakeholders about what went wrong and the corrective steps that need to be taken.

Take steps to optimize / correct the mistakes. This includes: reconfiguration, optimization, error corrections, fine-tuning etc.

Ensure that the stakeholders, key users and end users are all properly informed and trained about the optimized functionalities. This helps in improving the system acceptance.

Deploy the functionalities in collaboration with the customer team to ensure a successful SAP project completion.