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With an ever growing demand on business, companies keep piling data and information in the form of Paper or electronic files. It has been observed that up to 30% of office space and up to 25% of time is invested in assigning, indexing and locating the data/files/documents in a typical organisation. In today’s competitive environment, this loss of productivity has long standing effects on an organisation.

Lack of timely important information leads to mismanagement and reduced productivity within the organisation. Lost or misplaced information can result in chaos and even legal problems.

My DMS- Automatic Infotech

Automatic has designed a comprehensive electronic Document Management System (DMS) to address these problems. In the simplest terms, Document Management is the process of storing and tracking the volumes of information you handle each day. These vital resources may consist of emails, faxes, forms, invoices, and other documents. As information expands, the ability to access specific documents quickly and easily becomes increasingly more complex. Document Management provides a way to ensure that the information you need is always available on demand.

MyDMS is a comprehensive Document Management system allowing the companies to digitize and optimize their document management processes.

The document libraries, locations and categories can be customized based on the individual requirements. Any standard scanning tool can be easily used to scan and link the digital images to the system.

An extensive search based on various criteria allows the users to save time and efforts required to track documents. MyDMS also allows the companies to share and keep track of the document update process.

Technical Specifications:


  • User data management
  • Authorization based accessibility
  • Activity logs
  • User friendly security management
  • Secure document storage
  • Authorization based access
  • Multi-layer security

Flex-Information System©

  • Flex reports
  • Enhanced user friendliness
  • Reduced costs of additional developments
  • MS-Excel compatible reports

Document management Browser

  • Document viewer
  • Document maintenance
  • Check-In / Check-Out
  • Meta tag search
  • Free text search
  • One click Find-Access-Open (FAO)


  • Access to documents is shared among departments.
  • Privacy features allow you to control who has access to information.
  • Speed of retrieval gives you on-demand access to client and supplier records.
  • Retention of records assists in regulatory compliance.
  • Workflow improves through automatic document tracking.
  • Search and retrieve facility.
  • Multi-library environment.
  • Customizable document categories and numbering.
  • Customizable search keyword meta tags for categories.
  • Data Storage flexibility
  • Document types
  • Allowed extensions / File filtering
  • Original (WS) Document preservation