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In this competitive era maintaining a very good relationship with the client has become one of the strong needs of the organization. To sustain into the market, sales team need to be very organized so that they can have all possible relevant information about their existing and future clients. By keeping in mind such need, Automatic has developed MyCRM.

MyCRM 1.0 is a simple, cost effective, integrated and easy to use Customer Relationship management tool enabling you to managing and maintaining details of conversation with current and future customers for organized and optimized sales related activists. MyCRM is Easy, Flexible and Secure to create, edit and update lead details such as lead creation, maintenance of relevant information, maintain communication, lead status, lead priority, follow-up details etc.

My CRM Automatic Infotech

Business Process Modules

  • Master data management
  • Create New Lead
  • Maintain relevant information
  • Update Lead Follow-up Activity
  • Update Lead Status
  • Record Lead communication
  • Find-Access-Open Leads
  • Lead Monitor
  • Lead Status Monitor
  • Close Lead
  • Backup and Restore
  • Management Information System

Why MyCRM 1.0

  • Easy, Secure, Flexible and Innovative
  • Cost Effective and Reliable
  • Suitable for any type and size of business
  • Fully integrated and customizable
  • Easy to deploy and configure
  • One Click Find-Secured Access-Open
  • Flexible reporting system
  • Secured Architecture
  • Ease in monitoring Lead status and follow-up
  • Lead Communication History Recording
  • Centralized and having standard format of all Leads info

Flex Information System

  • Flexible reports
  • User friendly Excel like design
  • Real-time interface to Microsoft Excel
  • User defined filters/sorting/totals

Administrative tools

  • Security – authorization management
  • System Backup and restore
  • Access Logs